Spanish Reign

Flamenco and Tapas in the DD

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Your bags are packed. You’re looking forward to your annual mid-February romp through Europe. We wish you safe travels.

Just one thing: you may not have to spend as much time in Spain as you thought.

Because we’ve found a suitable doppelganger for its charms right here...

Welcome to Andalus, a sprawling Spanish beauty stocked with flamenco music, rare ham and a huge pig sculpture, officially opening this Friday for your next late-night date.

This is very similar to that spot in southern Spain you haunted during your study abroad program: think waiters in vests, snow-white half banquettes, a gleaming wood bar and a flamenco guitarist strumming his instrument in the courtyard. (Go ahead, request something from Broken Embraces.)

You’ll probably want to head here with a senorita after a gallery walk, and don’t worry about showing up early—it’s open till 4am. Start with a midnight snack of tender octopus salad and glasses of Rioja, then move on to rabbit paella and platters of authentic Spanish ham, from the salty, deep-red Serrano to the jamón ibérico, one of the world’s priciest cured meats.

It’s like the caviar of pork.

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