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A New Upscale Mexican Date Spot

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It’s in your DNA. The margaritas. The enchiladas. You practically bleed queso.

But sometimes you want less Tex. And more Mex. Without sacrificing that queso...

Introducing Komali, a steak-and-seafood-serving Mexican kitchen from the guys who brought you Salum, now open.

Sometime very soon—there is a certain greeting-card holiday coming up—you may find yourself on a date. Now, maybe your date knows what she wants—tequila and flan—or maybe she doesn’t. Either way, you’ll enter a long airy room with inverted ceilings. To the left: a white bar with white banquettes. To the right: black tabletops lined by mirrors and booths. In front of you: one stone chair with a Mayan-ruin-like face as the back. (Rub the nose for good luck.)

You’ll start with a few pre-dinner beverages. Perhaps a flight of tequilas. Then your hunger will take you to the rope-walled dining area, where you’ll take a table by the mosaic fireplace.

Next, you’ll summon the Queso Fundido with homemade tortillas (old Tex-Mex habits die hard), the Filete de res Almendrado (tenderloin with goat cheese) and the snapper Acapulco-style. But it’s Valentine’s Day, and that means dessert. Solution: Chocoflan (chocolate and vanilla flan dripping in caramel).

Save some for your date.

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