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Oysters and Absinthe in Williamsburg

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Pack a bag. Or don’t.

But we’re about to send you on a voyage into the heart of... Brooklyn.

And when you arrive at your destination, you’ll find a place of untold riches.

That is, assuming you measure wealth in oysters and absinthe.

Welcome to Maison Premiere, a new Williamsburg watering hole that’s styled like an old French Quarter brasserie, only one with designs on amassing the country’s largest absinthe collection, now open.

If you’ve ever wanted to live out the lyrics to “House of the Rising Sun,” or experience New Orleans in the 1890s, welcome home. Expect: libertine living, cognac tippling and really, really old-school jazz.

Walking in, you’ll be greeted by the most welcoming of sights: a colossal U-shaped marble bar. Behind which you’ll find a collection of strange and foreign artifacts. The most relevant to you: an old absinthe and cold-water delivery tap that’s crowned with a miniature Napoleon statue. (As if there were any other kind.)

With authentic anise spirit acquired, you’ll keep working your way around the bar, eventually slipping behind a pane of opaque glass and into the kind of back room that other back rooms aspire to be. Within: access to a huge outdoor cocktail garden, proper muffulettas and an ice-packed raw bar where they’ll be live-shucking 25 different varieties of oyster.

And one cherrystone clam with a serious inferiority complex.


Maison Premiere
298 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11211


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