Sleeping in a Cube in Northern India

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Something is happening in India.

Early reports indicate a secret colony of elephants, white mother ships and what can only be described as tents from the future.

Also: jacuzzis.

Introducing Rasa Jaipur, a 2001-style campground tucked into the hills of northern India, taking reservations now.

Basically, this is what camping will be like in 200 years. You’ll start by driving into a rural valley 10 miles outside Jaipur—and you’ll know you’ve made it when you see 40 extraterrestrial-looking cubes pop up over the horizon, clustered around a hulking white structure that appears to be the mother ship. Luckily, it’s the kind of mother ship with lunch and a spa inside... and they come in peace.

You’ll be sleeping in one of those 20-foot cubes, with bay windows lighting up the front, canvas walls that let in the warm breeze and a massive four-poster bed reaching to the ceiling in the back. (It’s a bit of an upgrade from a sleeping bag and a zippered door.) When you’re ready to explore, you’ll want to hire an elephant to take you up the peaks to an ancient fort, and upon return you’ll find the house chef rustling up your dinner over a bonfire outside your door.

BYO marshmallows.


Rasa Jaipur
Kunda, Tehsil Amer
District Jaipur, Rajasthan
+91 124 4888 011/022
official website


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