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How to Get Your Coworkers Fired

UD - Spy Audio Recorder Flash Drive We all work with that one person.

The one who is pleasant, calm, even jovial in a group setting.

Yet in private he’s far more evil, vitriolic and rotten. (Think: Ben Stiller’s character on that one Friends episode.)

You’ve tried to convince the office, but you need evidence before firing him. Thus, a covert mission may be in order...

Presenting the Spy Audio Recorder Flash Drive, a mild-mannered USB storage drive that doubles as a secret recording device, now available online.

So say you want to finally get audio of this guy sticking his foot in his mouth. Next time you two are alone in the meeting room, just place this baby next to your laptop and secretly switch the recorder on. It’ll capture crisp audio from five meters around in all directions, and save up to 4.5 hours of his blathering directly to its massive 2GB storage.

And since that intern he chewed out last week may want to get a little just revenge on him before he’s shown the door, tell her she can then upload the WAV file directly to her computer.

Followed by the requisite “CC All” email.


Spy Audio Recorder Flash Drive

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