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Adult Toys Go Bespoke

UD - Made to Pleasure One size does not fit all.

Just ask your tailor. Or your personal omelet chef.

But somehow, you’ve never managed to get uniquely personal treatment for your more... intimate affairs.

Which is where Made to Pleasure comes in, a shop building instruments of pleasure to your (or rather, her) exact specifications, online now.

Consider this your chance to create your next masterpiece—it’s an online bespoke shop for toys of the grown-up variety. You’ll be able to tailor the size and shape of the device, then sculpt the relevant curves through an architectural point system until you’ve arrived at the perfect, Valentine’s-ready creation. If you want, you can even spring for a gold or silver coating—in case you’re going by what Kanye would do.

For wise and entirely comprehensible reasons, MTP will also let you superimpose a banana, lipstick tube or hairbrush alongside your work-in-progress to make sure things stay in proportion. (The less said about this, the better.) And before the masterwork arrives in a discreet package on your doorstep, you can admire your work in a 3D preview for one last quality check.

No glasses required.

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