Things to do for January 20, 2011

The Weekender

Viking Feasts, Meat Pies and a 1980s Dance Party

The weekend is still making fun of Rex Ryan.

KO Catering Starts Delivering

KO Catering Starts Delivering

The only thing better than a piping-hot Australian meat pie: a piping-hot Australian meat pie delivered to your door. (Ideally, by Brooklyn Decker.) Which is something you can experience if you live in South Boston, now that KO Catering and Pies is delivering. Score one for Southie.

Now Available: Bricco’s Menu till 2am

Now Available: Bricco’s Menu till 2am

Good news: North End staple Bricco has recently done a bit of winter overhauling to their space. Better news: they’re celebrating by now offering their full menu till 2am every night, which means your 1:30am Veal Ossobuco cravings won’t have to be met halfway with a Hot Pocket anymore.

Feasting Like a Viking in Somerville

Feasting Like a Viking in Somerville

Saturday is your chance to overindulge in the grand tradition of the Scandinavian pillagers of yore. You’ll start with a few local brews like Pretty Things, then you’ll move on to eating limitless plates of meat, including beef, lamb, ham and quail. Personal connection to Thor not required.

Learn to Roll Sushi. Then Eat It.

Learn to Roll Sushi. Then Eat It.

If watching Charlie Sheen in Wall Street taught you anything, it’s that a lady enjoys it when you can make your own sushi. And if you head to Basho on Saturday afternoon, they’ll show you how to do it like a master, after which you’ll eat what you’ve learned. Win win.

Jan 22, 1-3pm, $30, Basho, 1338 Boylston St, call 617-262-1338 for tickets

Like The Wedding Singer, sans Sandler

Like <em>The Wedding Singer</em>, sans Sandler

It’s okay to admit it: sometimes you just want to dance. Specifically, to a strict all-1980s soundtrack supplied by a DJ who may or may not be wearing tight-rolled jeans, and fueled by cocktails like the Purple Rain: vodka, cranberry and blue curacao. No word on what the Toto drink could be.

Jan 22, 9pm-2am, no cover before 10pm, 6B Lounge, 6B Beacon St, 617-742-0306

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