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A Basement Den with a Massive Cocktail Garden

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Before you start reading, there’s something you should know.

Tomorrow, none of this may make any sense.

And there’s a perfectly good reason for that.

Allow us to explain The Mulberry Project, a tucked-away subterranean secret base where a collection of nightlife all-stars (with Boom Boom Room, RdV, Surf Lodge, GoldBar, Bagatelle and Milk & Honey cred) is reinventing their cocktails, menu and decor on a daily basis, open now.

It’s essential that you don’t become too attached to anything here. What was once a blank wall is now a graffiti mural. Where once was a snow-covered outdoor patio may one day be a film-screening “cocktailgarten.” And what constituted a gin gimlet last night may be completely unrecognizable today.

It’s the kind of place where you’ll mingle with industry insiders and help revolutionize the margarita over some Rum and Cola Cheesecake. The space: tiny and cave-like. The loungey nooks: appropriately dark. And the cocktail napkins: scribbled with formulas for the world’s first “mai martini.”

You see, imbibing here is of the omakase variety. At your disposal: a revolving menu of locally sourced ingredients (tonight: baby watermelon, dragon fruit and house-sautéed blueberries). Once you’ve chosen wisely, you and the bartender will form a collaborative partnership. The kind of LLC that’ll either end in the greatest bespoke cocktail of all time, or the two of you splitting up over strawberry puree creative differences.

Which is also the reason we’re still waiting for Ghostbusters 3.

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