Riff Raff’s

Tropic Thunder

Part Tiki Bar, Part Underground Nightclub

UD - Riff Raff’s Your average dinner, cocktail or massage menu can be broken down into three main components.

The regulars. The specials. And the unnamed, unpublished, dare-not-speak-them-aloud offerings.

Today, we’d like to address your penchant for the latter.

Introducing Riff Raff’s, an absurd experiment in tiki room/nightclub crossbreeding, with a mysterious selection of outlandishly gigantic punch bowls available only to those in the know, opening tomorrow.

The space really can’t be pinned down to one style. You’ve got a neon tiger over the door. A disco ball strung up next to an ultramodern light fixture. And embroidered walls imported from a Malaysian village. But when you’re sharing a rum concoction that’s served in a life-size mannequin, it just makes sense.

Yes, they stock coconut bras and monkey hats behind the bar. Yes, plastic fruit figures to play a huge part in your night here. But before you get the wrong idea, let us assure you that this is the type of scene you’re looking for. Leggy brunettes. Identical twin DJs. Dark corners. Secret taco-filled driftwood. It’s all just the right amount of crazy.

What this results in is the kind of evening that begins with you sipping highball cocktails in a banquette and ends with you dancing to live music while drinking from a gargantuan plastic flamingo punch fountain. That’s ablaze with sparklers.

You can probably guess where the straw goes.


Riff Raff’s
360 Park Ave S
(near E 27th St)
New York, NY, 10010

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