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Immortalizing Your Voice on Canvas

UD - VoicePrints The Hangover quotes. The lyrics to Dylan’s “Desolation Row.” A sports announcer screaming, “The Boston Red Sox have just won their first World Series in 86 years.”

There are some audio recordings that require a kind of preservation.

We’re thinking on canvas, and with some color. Maybe hanging over your couch...

Introducing VoicePrints, your new pop-art generator that turns audio recordings into full-color, hangable art, now available online.

It’s pretty simple, really. Go to the site and start thumbing through the colors, tones and overall look for your future Warhol-ian masterpiece (we’re not sure why, but pomegranate has a strange allure to it). Then, decide on the size—you can get anything from a small paper print to a monstrous canvas print bigger than your flat-screen.

Then the fun starts. If you’ve got a quick phrase to get down on wax, as it were, you can record a fresh track right at your computer and upload it to the site. And just like that, your “I’m sorry I forgot your birthday” apology gift-art will be locked and delivered to her door.

But if you want to pull some immortal line from history, you can choose any prerecorded file up to 2MB and have that be the audio backdrop to your Mona Lisa.

Now you’ll just have to decide on which Jefferson Starship lyric to use.

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