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Pisco Sours and Ceviche in the Sunset

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You may have noticed, but it’s still not summer yet.

Unless you’re in Peru.

Which you’re not.

So, rather than suggesting you cross the equator, we thought we’d bring some heat to you.

Welcome Pasión, a modern den of Peruvian cuisine and tropical cocktails inspired by our summering South American friends, open now on Irving.

While this can be your standby for Peruvian fare—namely for nearly 10 different ceviches prepped at the dedicated ceviche bar—you’ll also find yourself snacking on all manner of tropical foodstuffs: from the Caribbean, Central America and South America. Which means this’ll be your bright oasis in the foggy stretch known as the Sunset—and, even more conveniently, they so happen to make a potent pisco sour.

The cocktail lounge is a good launching point, but you’ll want to head to the velvet-backed banquettes under the big surrealistic mural. This is where you’ll be able to muse over the inspiration behind the story of Peru as depicted in still lifes of Incan deities decorated with rocoto peppers, octopus tentacles and a floating llama (every good origin story involves a floating llama). 

Once you’ve taken it all in, opt for the Ceviche Quatro so you can sample four different plates from the ceviche bar. Then try the Albondigas (lamb meatballs with foie gras sauce) and Lomito Saltado made with sautéed Kobe top sirloin strips and fries to round things out.

The Incas were on to something.


737 Irving St
(at 9th)
San Francisco, CA, 94122


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