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Uptown’s New Neighborhood Burger Joint

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Today, let’s address some of your 2011 resolutions:

To try new things.

To visit more sacred shrines.

To learn Japanese in time for your trip to Tokyo. (Sake doesn’t taste-test itself.)

And while you work on that last one, we’ve gone ahead and taken care of the first two...

Say hello to Ketchup Burger Bar, slated to open in Uptown next week as your new temple of cold beers, crème brûlée milkshakes and the occasional brie burger doused in green ketchup.

Now, you might remember this place from your pizza-fueled nights at Pastazios. Well, the guys behind Farnatchi took that space, un-pizza-kitchened it and started experimenting with burgers—think ahi tuna, lamb and, yes, even beef.

So it’s after work. You need a little burger therapy—eight-hour meetings on printer crisis management will do that. You’ll stop in here, jump on a yellow bar stool facing one of six flat-screens and grab a blonde. Also, some beer—they have six on tap.

But back to why you’re really here: the burger. Go with that brie number we mentioned, or try a gouda-topped Memphis BBQ Burger. Add one of their three housemade ketchups—including one made with green tomatoes—and chase it with sweet potato fries and one of their four milkshakes, including the aforementioned Crème Brûlée.

Crème brûlée was meant to be consumed via straw.


Ketchup Burger Bar
3028 N Hall St
Dallas, TX, 75204


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