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The Potential Arrival of the Bendable Bike

UD - The Bendable Bike 2011. Just days away. The next 365 could hold any number of potential surprises. One of which, we’re going to go ahead and spoil for you right now. Herewith, a concept we’ve had our eye on for some time. Guaranteed to change lives. Assuming it ever comes to fruition.

Today we bring you news of a giant leap forward in physics.

A single concept that may permanently change the rules of science forever. All the while, making city bike racks virtually obsolete.

Introducing (maybe) The Bendable Bicycle, a Dalí-esque creation that you’ll ride from point A to point B, and then fold in half around a stop sign for safekeeping, hopefully coming in 2011.

Basically, this is your standard (albeit bright orange) street-ready bike. However, at the flip of a lever, it’ll collapse onto itself. Imagine the result from an unholy tryst between a Huffy, The Club and a bendy straw, and you’ll get the idea.

At this early stage, details are pretty sketchy as to the actual mechanics behind this thing. So we went ahead and assembled a team of engineers, Olympic cyclists and pizza delivery boys to pore over blueprints and construct CGI models. Their initial finding: black magic. Their secondary conclusion: a sophisticated cable frame that can be pulled taut or made loose on demand.

Though the bike still has several rounds of testing (read: crashing) to go through, there’s a high probability you’ll be wrapping this thing around telephone poles in ’11.

Unless Big Padlock has its way.

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