High Concept

The Potential Arrival of the Virtual Keyboard

UD - Light Touch Note: Here at UD HQ, we’re constantly on the lookout for the next big thing. But the problem with some of the mind-blowing stuff we uncover is that you can’t exactly get it yet. Hence “High Concept,” where we highlight a concept product that we’re really rooting for.

You and your computer have had a rocky time of it lately. The crashing. The glacial speed. Its tendency to deliver you a painful electric shock whenever you touch the Esc key.

But mostly your problem with your computer is that it’s just so... tangible.

Here to solve that problem (one day): Light Touch, an earthshaking new gizmo that lets you do your surfing via a beam of light, now awaiting its full-scale launch.

Think of this as something like the computer interface in Minority Report, only with less Tom Cruise and more portability. The key piece of equipment (actually, the only piece) is a small black projector not much bigger than your hand.

It projects a 10-inch image, but this image is a bit more touchable than most. Which is to say, it responds to the movements of your fingers, whether you’re scrolling through pictures, or even using its virtual keyboard to write your highly anticipated memoir (you’ve always wanted to literally use air quotes).

It’s easy to see where this would be useful. Next time you’re cavorting with a synchronized swimming team in a subterranean DJ lounge, you can instantly project onto the wall some images of the next bar you’d like to take them to.

Then really blow their minds by telling them where a crime is about to occur.

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