High Concept

The Potential Arrival of the Ball-Firing Alarm Clock

UD - Aphelion Alarm Clock Like Bono, David Blaine and Apolo Ohno, we live on the edge. Which means we often find ourselves peering just beyond the gadgetry of the now, and into the gadgetry of the not-too-distant future. So today, in something we’re calling “High Concept,” we wanted to share with you one of those conceptual gadgets. Let’s hope it gets here soon.

You know the feeling.

It’s a weekday. Your alarm goes off. And your half-awake brain hits the snooze.

A few minutes later, your alarm goes off again. You hit the snooze again.

You resume this pattern until finally, an hour late for work, you pull yourself from bed and into the shower, cursing the whole time.

Obviously, it shouldn’t be like this. But to change this lifestyle, you’d need something revolutionary. Like, having-to-find-a-ball-to-shut-off-your-alarm revolutionary.

Say hello to the Aphelion Alarm Clock, which makes you do just that, if it ever gets made.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We dislike the morning alarm just like you do, and aren’t exactly frothing at the mouth for new ways for one to annoy you.

But that’s sort of the point here. Because as this alarm begins to sound, cutting into one of those dreams that seems rather cruel to interrupt (we’re thinking the one where there’s an alternate universe populated exclusively by Serbian models), the clock will catapult a bouncy ball in whatever direction it’s pointing.

You’ll then have to get up, find the ball and put it back in the port to activate the snooze, or even shut off the alarm. And if you hit snooze, it’ll force you to get the ball every time, possibly giving you the physical momentum you need to slouch your way to the shower, and off to work.

You may even want two of these, in case you can’t find the ball and smash the first one to bits.

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