Taco Beach Shack

Shack Attack

Ping-Pong and Tacos by the Beach

One day soon, it will happen.

The cold weather will break.

And when it does, you’ll want to be prepared.

You’ll need a place where bikinis are not only allowed but encouraged, where Mexican beer runs ice cold and where the fish tacos flow freely.

Maybe we can help...

Presenting Taco Beach Shack, a lounge-y new shack offering you tacos, beer and friendly games of co-ed ping-pong, now open on Hollywood Beach.

This is just what it sounds like, only maybe a little bit nicer. Situated a few blocks from the beach, the place feels like a funky cantina you might’ve stumbled onto during your travels through the Yucatan, complete with outdoor sofas, Mexican beers, two ping-pong tables and a healthy supply of tacos (go for the Pepper Crusted Alaskan Crab or the Korean Short Rib with Kimchi Slaw).

And since it’s an offshoot of the traveler-friendly Hollywood Beach Hostel, don’t be surprised if you and your friends find yourselves sharing guacamole-related war stories with leggy visitors from Scandinavia.

We hear Swedes love tacos.


Taco Beach Shack
320 Arizona St
Hollywood Beach, FL, 33019

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