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Turning That Tune in Your Head into a Song

UD - uJam You’ve had this song stuck in your head. A peppy, Cee-Lo-meets-Rick-Astley-meets-Motörhead number. And one thing is certain: the minute you get it down on record, you’ve got a hit on your hands.

You just wish there were a way to do it without pesky details like a band. Or a studio. Or knowing how to play music.

Introducing Ujam, a new site that turns the tune in your head into an actual, full-bodied song, in alpha testing now.

So let’s say you’ve got an idea for the next “Free Bird”/“Baby Got Back”/“Whip My Hair.” You’ll go to the site for a login (they’re currently accepting about 1,000 people a day), and click “Go Jam.” Then, you’ll sing a few bars into your computer. (Think of it as a serenade.) Once the program has the melody down, it can fill in a backing band, make up chord changes for the other instruments and even Auto-Tune your vocals if you happen to warble a little bit off-key. (Not that you would ever.)

Then you’ll have a full song built around your melody, yours to tweak however you see fit—you can turn your singing into a guitar solo or change the backing band (when in doubt, go string quartet). And when you’re done polishing, save it as an MP3 and send your symphony off to the relevant authorities.

And wait for Kanye to call.

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