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Salvaged Longboards from Key West

UD - Firebird Longboards You made your list and checked it twice.

You’ve braved the mall, you crowd-surfed a stampede on Black Friday, and your keyboard fingers are still recovering from Cyber Monday.

Everyone’s taken care of except... that guy.

You know, that surfer/snowboarder/Shaun White type for whom you can never seem to find the right thing.

Until now.

Introducing Firebird Longboards, your new source for handcrafted boards made of repurposed wood salvaged from the rum-soaked ruins of Key West, now taking orders for custom boards.

If you’re unfamiliar with longboards, think of these as snowboards for the street—they’re about four feet long and look like oversize skateboards (sort of like the Cadillac of skateboards). They’re the kind of boards that’re perfect for short rides around the neighborhood, when you’ve moved beyond the skater-punk, life-threatening-tricks phase of life and into the easy, breezy, casual-rider chapter.

And we think you’ll also like how they’re made: in a waterfront workshop in Key West, using hundred-year-old wood that’s been salvaged from old structures on the island. In other words, Papa Hemingway could’ve spilled some rum on your board back when it was a floorboard at a bar on Duval Street.

If you get close, you can almost smell the old-school daiquiris.

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