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A New Brunch Spot Opens in Bishop Arts

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The diner.

A classic. A staple. It’s there when you need late-night Belgian waffles, some strong coffee and maybe a heartfelt powwow with Flo (she’s an ace with TPS reports).

But sometimes, you want a little more. Some french toast pudding. Some lobster mac and cheese. And what the hell, a $15,000 espresso machine...

For those times: Oddfellows, a cozy new diner in the Bishop Arts District, now open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and one mean espresso.

No, this isn’t a greasy diner off the highway (not that there’s anything wrong with that). This is something bolder—a white and blond Southampton-style kitchen with a long cappuccino bar, serving up indulgent concoctions like the aforementioned lobster mac and cheese.

So this Sunday, after all the corporate holiday bar tabs have been closed, reopened and closed again, you may find yourself in less-than-prime shape. You’ll head here, grab a wooden booth—it’s BYOB, so bring your own bubbly—and order up some chocolate chip pancakes while strategically planning your breakfast tacos.

And about that caffeine fix: you’ll want to find something that looks like a long, short and silver soda fountain. That’s La Marzocco—a $15,000 espresso machine, one of only 11 in the world, which a specially trained barista will use to personally craft your frothy brew.

Do not trust an untrained barista.

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