The Night Stuff

The Cookies and Cream Version of Sleeping

UD - NightFood It’s late. The witching hour.

You’ve just returned from a six-hour underground R&D tasting for the prerelease of Six Loko (you were grandfathered onto the committee).

Needless to say, you’re famished.

Also, extremely hyperactive.

Now might be a good time for a little NightFood, your new late-night hit of cookies and cream in candy bar form—that also happens to be laced with melatonin, available now.

So at this point in the night, a chorus of Krispy Kreme angels may or may not be calling to you from the deepest recesses of your kitchen’s emergency-only quadrant. It is in your best interest to resist such temptations, because just beyond your stash of less than savory late-night... cuisine, you’ll find a six-pack of these little lion tamers.

Which is where that whole melatonin thing comes in. Basically, each bar is filled with natural sleep aids designed to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling just before you crawl into bed. It basically looks and tastes like the candy bar version of an Oreo... just with more focus on maintaining optimal blood glucose levels.

Because that’s the first thing on your mind when you’re hungry.

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