A Green Date Spot in Midtown

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Maybe you want banana peppers straight from the farm.

Maybe you care about doing right by Mother Earth.

Maybe it’s important to you that the meat on your plate grew up in the cow equivalent of Club Med.

Or maybe it’s not. At all. Maybe you’re one of those “whatever” people.

But either way, there will come a time when you’re on a date with a yoga instructor who grew up in Seattle, wears only hemp products and visits the farmers’ market every morning. (Trust us, it’ll happen. And don’t be surprised if her name is “Grass.”)

So say hello to Sustain, the city’s newest, greenest bistro, throwing open its earth-friendly doors this Saturday night in Midtown.

Here’s the idea: farm-to-table eats in a space that feels less like a health-food store and more like Prince’s private cafeteria. Everything’s super-green and LEED-happy, from the ceiling decorations made from recycled aluminum, to the paint made without volatile organic compounds (VOCs), to the two mangrove trees growing inside, sourced from a sustainable farm in Guatemala (Central America makes the best restaurant trees).

But let’s cut to what’s most important: the food. Your chef spent time at Casa Tua and Fratelli Lyon, and he’ll be dishing out gussied-up American like housemade soft pretzels with orange blossom honey sauce, platters of cured ham from the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and grass-fed burgers with sides of “wet” fries smothered in bone marrow gravy.

Take a break, ketchup.

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