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Your Hot Toddy, Now in Gelato Form

UD - Hot Toddy Gelato The hot toddy. No stranger to your holiday routine.

That familiar sting of bourbon, the tang of lemon, the savage power of nutmeg.

But you have just one complaint: your hot toddy could be, well, a little less hot...

Introducing Hot Toddy Gelato from Capogiro, a frozen new take on the classic winter cocktail, available now.

Take everything that makes the hot toddy great, including a few generous splashes of bourbon, combine it with some honey-sweetened ice cream, and this is what you get. It comes from the Philadelphia gelato artisans at Capogiro (you might remember their Champagne Mango), who’ve spent the summer and fall diligently balancing the honey, lemon and secret spices—all without burning off any of the good stuff (by which we mean bourbon). The result: a scoop with a stealthy but powerful kick, courtesy of a few 80-proof top notes.

Now, Capogiro only ships six pints at a time, which means either you’ll have a half-dozen toddies on your hands, or you can spring for the “Holidays on Ice” pack, which packs the main event alongside pints of Brandy Alexander (with cognac and a handful of less important ingredients) and a Puerto Rican eggnog variant known as Coquito, made with bourbon vanilla, cinnamon, coconut milk and coconut rum.

Nothing says Christmas like coconut rum.


Hot Toddy Gelato
via Capogiro Gelato

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