Malibu Pier Club

Pier and Simple

Beachfront Drinks on Malibu Shore

Among our city's simple pleasures, beachside bars under a crisp, blue sky rank highly.

So a tie-off, top-down jaunt up the PCH is soon in order—Malibu Pier Club opens today.

Sure, you'll find the expected nautical theme inside, with turquoise stools and seascapes on the walls—but no amount of high design could compete with the vast oceanic scenery outside, so you can't fault them for sticking with the obvious. Barring a torrential monsoon, you'll be found on the large rear deck, focused on nothing more pressing than the waves, the quiet fishermen, the sun...and the condensation on your Agave Margarita. (Your date might prefer Gidget's Gimlet.)

The doors open at lunchtime everyday, so if you linger long enough that a meal is required, comfort-food options include a kobe burger, trufflechips and the Caesar Salad Fondue, involving a bread bowl filled with dressing and dipping skewers. Neighbors on the long-desolate pier will soon include a more formal restaurant and, all the way at the end, a shake shack.

But for now, focus on the simple pleasures.


Malibu Pier Club
23000 Pacific Coast Highway
(on the Malibu Pier)
Malibu, CA, 90265

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