Things to do for December 09, 2010

Lumberjacks, YouTube and Chocolate on a Stick

Lumberjacks, YouTube and Chocolate on a Stick

The weekend is fireplace-hopping.

UD - Your Next Belt Is Tanning in Tennessee

Your Next Belt Is Tanning in Tennessee

Your everyday jeans need the proper everyday belt. Preferably handmade in a river... in Tennessee. Enter Cause and Effect, a line of such belts in colors available exclusively through Perks for 40% off. Your everyday jeans will not be disappointed.

UD - A New Source for Smelling Like Whiskey

A New Source for Smelling Like Whiskey

You can never go wrong dressing like a lumberjack. (Your flannel tux: perfect for New Year’s.) And now that Oregon’s Woodlands Supply Co. has opened up an online store, you can pick up some camping flasks, hatchets and whiskey-scented cologne, in your underwear. (The axe is optional.)

UD - Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Hot Chocolate on a Stick

With hot chocolate season in full swing, you can’t be messing around with cocoa powder. The latest stunning advance in confectionary-related innovation dissolves 1.3 ounces of chocolate into your waiting mug of hot milk when stirred. And you always keep a few marshmallows up your sleeve...

UD - Vintage Self-Help Books

Vintage Self-Help Books

You’ve learned a lot from the ’70s—including the enduring power of the leisure suit—but there’s always more to discover. Exhibit A: these boxed sets of self-help cassettes and hardcovers, covering timeless topics like astral projection and “vibrasonics.” Just be careful whose stocking you stuff this in.

UD - Putting YouTube on Shuffle

Putting YouTube on Shuffle

You can never hear too many versions of “Talk Dirty to Me.” Okay, you can, and here’s where you’ll do it. This site lets you flip through videos Pandora-style or find every last version of your favorite song, including live renditions and amateur covers. Turns out your limit is four.

UD - Toothbrush Subscription

Toothbrush Subscription

You’ve got kilometers of French silk dental floss, a lifetime subscription to a shampoo-of-the-month club... and now, finally, a magical helper to deliver you a new toothbrush every three months—even if it somehow slips your mind. Bottomless conditioner cannot be far behind.

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