Cookies and Cocktail Sampler

Served Up

Milk and Cookies... and Moonshine

Right around this time of year, it’s nice to just take a step back and relish in the simple things.

You know, things like milk. Cookies. Maybe a little eggnog…

Oh, and moonshine. Definitely moonshine.

Which brings us to the Cookies and Cocktail Sampler, a shameless mélange of whipped-cream-flavored vodka, bacon-laced cookies and ‘shine-spiked nog, available starting Friday at D.B.A. in Virginia Highland.

Once you make your way inside from the blistering night air (seriously, what just happened with the weather?), you’ll want to slip into a seat at the bar, look your barkeep dead in the face and say something like: “the sleepy mongoose traverses west by moonlight.” On second thought, don’t say that at all... instead, maybe just ask for the sampler.

And what you’ll soon be faced with is a bountiful flurry of cookies (read: four) like Ancho Chili Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Toffee Sea Salt and Peanut Butter Banana Bacon. Fair enough.

But you came for the adult side of this equation—and it happens to come with a choice. You could either go with door number one, a hit of the aforementioned moonshine-y eggnog. Or the more intrepid offering behind door number two... a rocks glass filled with Godiva milk chocolate, Whynatte, whipped cream vodka and house-infused habanero moonshine.

It’s not the holidays until moonshine shows up.


Cookies and Cocktail Sampler
1190 N Highland Ave NE, Suite B
Atlanta, GA, 30306

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