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The Next Level of Email

UD - Pointofmail Now you've done it.

Yes, you've just addressed the esteemed senator as “Representative” in that email you sent requesting $10 billion in the omnibus bill. (Farther down, you might also have called him “dude.”)

If only you could dress in all black, sneak into his office under the cover of night and spirit away his hard drive.

Or, failing that, at least retroactively scrub the offending words from his inbox.

Well, you can. Presenting Pointofmail, now available to track and retroactively edit or recall those most sensitive missives.

No, you don't need to be a hacker on the level of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in order to use this. You don't even have to download software. After signing up, all you do is add “” to the end of your recipient's email address.

They'll never know it (it will be invisible to them), but you will have opened up a whole world of cyber-sleuthing possibilities. You'll be able to tell whether your boss opened your memo on how to double Q1 sales and how long he looked at it. If you're concerned that one of your contacts has been leaking your missives to the Wall Street Journal, you can be notified whenever your messages are forwarded.

And for those really sensitive moments (like when you accidentally address your boss’s boss Dolores as “Mulva”), you've got the nuclear option: changing emails after they've been read, or even setting them to self-destruct.

You've always been bad with names.

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