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Uptown’s New Sports Bar/Sushi Lounge

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You love your little sushi spots. You really do.

But sometimes you need something bigger. Something with layers. And by layers, we mean a hibachi grill containing a sports bar... containing a private dining dojo.

Someplace like Naan Sushi, a sushi lounge/sports bar/dojo inside the old Geisha House spot in Uptown, opening Monday.

If you’ve been to the Plano location—hey, the suburbs don’t rock themselves—this will seem familiar, but with the helpful addition of a sports bar.

You’ll start by passing through a hallway filled with small geisha dolls on your way to the sushi bar. When you come in for, say, a midday power lunch, you’ll stop at the hibachi grill, where your short ribs are cooked, tossed and sliced three feet in front of you.

But when the Mavs are playing out of town, you’ll head to the Orange Bar, a sports palace with 11 flat-screens, plush red couches and at least one photo of Nolan Ryan putting Robin Ventura into a headlock. (Raise an Orange Martini to the Ryan Express as you pass.)

Then, on those intimate nights where only a quiet, meditative sushi experience will do, you’ll reserve the screened dojo dining room, nestled beyond the sports bar. There, you’ll chopstick your way through Butterfly Salmon Rolls in absolute peace.

Maybe leave your nunchucks at home.


Naan Sushi
2600 Cedar Springs Rd
(at Gables)
Dallas, TX, 75201


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