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Like a Rolodex for Movie Quotes

UD - Subzin It’s a cautionary tale as old as time.

You’re on the second date. A few cocktails deep by now. The segue from table to bar has been a success. Laughs are laughed, tongues are loosened.

So far, so good.

But then, without warning, she leans into you. A wry and playful grin slowly materializing. And she says it: “I love your cologne. Is that London Gentleman or Blackbeard’s Delight?”

And just like that, you’re lost.

You know better than to let your movie quote game slip...

Enter Subzin, a gloriously simple-minded website that tells you exactly what movie or TV series those ubiquitous movie buffs in your life happen to be quoting, now online.

And since you would never let your date’s Anchorman fetish get in the way of a good vibe, you’ll politely excuse yourself, whip out your phone and pull up this little site. After entering a few key words, you’ll be able to see what movie it belongs to as well as any other relevant one-liners (this calls for a reraise).

So in other words, the next time you find yourself on the receiving end of a rousing conversation about Dr. Rosenrosen and his annoying Scotch/Romanian accent (if you had a nickel), you’ll be adequately armed for the occasion.

No one out-Fletches you.

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