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A Secret Haberdashery on Oak

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Ever since the royal engagement of William and Kate was announced, you... frankly, you haven’t thought about it again.

But we have it on good authority that you may want to start shopping for top hats.

So welcome to Shrine, an old-fashioned haberdashery capable of recharging your stock of impeccable, resolutely European formal gear, now open in the Gold Coast.

Covertly located directly above your friend Jack’s, this place has all the discretion you demand from those selling you socks, ties and the occasional duck-headed cane. Stuffed with leather couches and hide rugs, it’s the kind of friendly joint where a spot of tea is probably waiting for you in the back... and by tea, we mean scotch.

So, please, take your time. Try on a few Churchill-ian homburgs (or Sinatra-ian fedoras). Run your hand along the smooth silk woven ties and pocket squares. If you’re weary after trying on the cashmere-lined, hand-stitched driving gloves, plop down on the vintage leather Chesterfield and set your “tea” on a 100-year-old door that’s now a table.

The owner, a world-traveling raconteur who plays polo when not traveling/raconteuring, will soon guide you over to a drawer filled with vintage pocket watches and Japanese cuff links that are made with the same techniques as samurai swords.

But much easier to get through customs.


47 E Oak St, 2nd Floor
(between Michigan and Rush)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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