Dining in the Dark

Dark Room

The Dinner Equivalent of a Trust Fall

UD - Dining In The Dark You’ve journeyed deep into the abyss of outlandish dining experiences.

You’ve downed absinthe-laced oyster shooters while repelling down the side of the Taj Mahal. Broke bread with Pat Benatar on the set of the “Love Is a Battlefield” video. You tried Spam once.

And believe it or not, all of these gastronomical shenanigans had one thing in common...

 You could see.

Time to up the ante. Introducing Dining in the Dark, a three-hour, four-course trust fall involving you, a rotating cast of the city’s best chefs and total darkness, now taking reservations for the first of seven dinners beginning next Thursday.

It all starts innocently enough. You and your date will find yourselves in a candlelit reception area, where you’ll grab a cocktail, mingle with your fellow nocturnal noshers and meet the evening’s chef (think Aria, Wisteria and Canoe).

Then, you’ll be paired into groups of four and whisked away to a pitch-black dining room for a barrage of mystery courses, guided only by your four remaining senses (and maybe a few of your date’s as well). In between each course, the chef will make a cameo to field questions and tell you what you’re eating.

Oh, and we should also tell you that this little experiment will not only allow you to experience what it’s like to eat when you’re blind, but for the first time ever in the US, your servers are all (literally) visually impaired or completely blind themselves.

Think of it as the blind feeding the blind.


Dining in the Dark
at the Premier Exhibition Center at Atlantic Station
265 18th St
Atlanta, GA, 30363

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