Civic Action

Shoes Made of FedEx Envelopes

UD - Civic Duty It happens every time. 

You get an overnight package—your signed copy of Keith Richards’s book, an invitation to the White House Christmas party, that kind of thing. And you find yourself looking at that FedEx envelope and thinking: someone should make this into a pair of shoes. 

Okay, you’ve never thought that. But someone’s gone ahead and done it anyway. 

Introducing Civic Duty, a new line of futuristic sneakers made from the same stuff used in those indestructible airmail envelopes, available online now. 

Imagine a typical pair of Chucks, reworked for Tron (we hear there’s a whole subplot about FedExing stuff). So after they’re dyed in a bright color (red, blue, two shades of brown) and sewn to a recyclable rubber sole, they go through a wrinkling process to give them the look of crumpled-up paper. (Trust us: everyone’s going to be wearing crumpled paper next spring.) 

The result: easily the most elegant way to strap some envelopes to your feet. Also: a handsome pair of shoes that happens to be pretty easy to pack. So if you plan on turning your next Tokyo business trip into an all-night karaoke marathon with the locals (and you do), you’ll want to tuck a pair of these into any available corner of your carry-on before jetting off. 

We just wouldn’t suggest airmailing anything home in them.

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