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Custom Cupcakes, Delivered

UD - Baked By Melissa Yesterday’s turkey was delicious—your Four Loko glazing was a brilliant touch.

But really, it was just a warm-up. Because now the holiday season is upon us in full swing, and you’re gonna need backup.

And by backup, we mean a few hundred custom cupcakes.

Introducing The Cupcake Customizer, an ingenious creation from NYC’s Baked by Melissa, devoted to getting you customized cupcakes by the hundreds, online now.

This is where you’ll go to get all Dr. Frankenstein on some cupcakes. You’ll choose a flavor, a frosting and a stuffing—basically decadent globs of cookie dough, marshmallow or fudge—and Melissa will overnight 300 of your mini-masterpieces. (Roughly eight of these equals one standard cupcake.)

So say you’re throwing a sugar-fueled New Year’s party with Katy Perry, Steve Buscemi and the kid from Two and a Half Men. (He’s got a Sheen-like addiction to tiny cupcakes.) You’ll start tinkering in the lab—maybe some jelly-filled tie-dye cakes (to match Katy’s bikini), some yellow cake topped with chocolate (the kid’s a purist) and some red velvet stuffed with cookie dough for Buscemi (just because). Then, your order will come fresh-delivered the next day, ready to feed the masses.

This is why you have a cupcake sommelier on retainer.

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