Grapes of Wrath

The Full Metal Jacket of Wine Bars

UD - Ammunitions Case Wine Bar Vietnam.

The centerpiece of much of the cultural and political unrest of the ’60s (not to mention a major inspiration for Creedence).

And now, part of its weaponry legacy is ready to become the centerpiece of your wine-serving arsenal.

Presenting the Ammunitions Case Wine Bar, a wine storage unit made up of a case that used to hold weapons in the days of Vietnam, now available.

Think of this as the sort of wine case Robert Duvall’s character in Apocalypse Now would use today to store and serve his best vino (and perhaps a few spent napalm casings, for old time’s sake).

Because what you have here is an authentic piece of military history: a fully restored Vietnam-era ammunitions case that’s been brought back to artillery-supplying life by some deranged/brilliant folks in Canada. So instead of housing a small stockpile of M-40 sniper rifles and a few grenades, it will now hold three of your best wine bottles, some glasses and other accoutrements (wine openers, cheese knives, uzi cartridges…).

You’ll want to keep this in a corner of your dining room or wine cellar, and when the time is right at your next dinner party, walk your guests over to it, drop the door and show people that some relics can have a second life.

For greater effect, cue up “Ride of the Valkyries” on your iPod.

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