Pop Secret

Your Popcorn, Now Caffeinated

UD - BioFuel Caffeinated Popcorn It happens every time.

You’re sitting, enjoying a DVRed episode of Boardwalk Empire. And it hits you.

You crave a salty treat. That just so happens to have 200 milligrams of caffeine.

Okay, that never happens, but stick with us...

Meet BioFuel Caffeinated Popcorn, a bag of salty popcorn that packs two energy drinks’ worth of caffeine, available online now.

Think of this as that rare entertainment snack that can satisfy your hunger and also keep you keyed up for a grueling Sunday catch-up session of TV. (Your life is hard.)

First, you’ll go online and lock in an order. In a few days, the UPS man will drop off a few bags, each one loaded with more caffeine than a double espresso from Starbucks. (Just how Orville intended.)

After tossing a bag in the microwave, your first instinct will be to put on sweatpants. Don’t fight this. Then: sink into your sofa. Prepare for a full day with Nucky Thompson, Liz Lemon and Michael Scott. Finally, grab your popcorn by the fistful and attack it.

As you shove the fluffy kernels into your mouth, don’t be surprised if you start to notice yourself moving closer and closer to the edge of your seat. And your “that’s what she said” senses becoming sharper than ever. 

Sharp as a razor, in fact.

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