Tough Sledding

Sledding, Minus the Snow

UD - The Year 'Round Sled Temperatures are rising. Polar ice caps are melting. Greenhouses are... effecting. Pretty soon, life as you know it will change forever.

But maybe there’s one winter pastime humanity can cling to even after the eventual environmental apocalypse...

Introducing The Year ’Round Sled, an all-terrain, partially frozen sled that’ll careen down hills no matter what condition the earth’s ecosystem is in, available online now.

On the surface, this looks exactly like a regulation sled. Add a steep hill, some snow and an official from the Guinness World Records Committee, and just aim down. But when your travels take you to a more tropical locale (you’ve been called out of retirement to defend your Caribbean Limbo Championship), this craft will bring the icy mountains to you (mountains not included).

Attached to the bottom of your sled are two plastic ice molds. When removed, filled with water and frozen solid, they’ll either turn any surface you’re sledding on into a snow-covered decline, or serve as the rocks in the world’s biggest glass of whiskey.

And while the homemade ice blocks work best for reducing the friction with short grass, there’s really nothing stopping you from trying them out anywhere.

Now if only this thing had a cup holder.

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