Shopping Around

Letting a Woman Put You in Her Cart

UD - Adopt a Guy You don’t have a problem getting a date.

You’re handsome. You’re charming. And you know your way around a can of Old Spice Swagger.

But it does take time. And effort. And sometimes you wish women could just come up, grab you and put you in their proverbial shopping cart.

So we think you’ll be interested in Adopt a Guy, a website where women can “shop” for you like the piece of well-aged filet mignon that you are, now online.

Basically, this is like, only you’re the product, the women are the shoppers, and the return policy is a little less complicated.

Here’s how it works: you’ll go to the site and create a profile, including everything from your picture to your assets (no need to mention all the Swiss bank accounts). Then, you’ll be placed in the virtual store, where women will shop for you as if you were a Pottery Barn sofa—specifying everything from age to eye color.

If she likes what she sees, she’ll put you in her cart. And if you like being in her cart, you’ll get in touch with her and ask her out—almost as if this whole thing is just like any other dating site, only with an interesting shopping motif.

By the way, you currently rank in the top 100 in men/subcategory: sexy/subcategory: awesome.

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