Pop That

Like Push-Up Pops, Only Sushi

UD - Sushi Popper Every once in a while, an idea comes along so brilliant, so necessary, that we simply can’t help but sing its praises.

This is not one of those ideas.

But hey, it’s Friday, so we figured you could use a moment of discovery with a new culinary curiosity...

And with that, say hello to Sushi Poppers, a gastronomic swan dive of epic proportions that involves taking your favorite sushi rolls and placing them in tubes, now available online.

Just think of it as a Push-Up Pop, only with more California rolls and less creamy orange deliciousness. So let’s say you’re tailgating, and you feel the sudden and inexplicable urge to wage a shock-and-awe campaign on those around you. Whip out a tube of spicy shrimp rolls, casually apply a dollop of soy and prepare for the fireworks. (Note: said fireworks may or may not involve answering questions like “Why?” Your answer... Because you can.)

After you jump online and place your order, a six-pack of California, cucumber or spicy shrimp rolls will arrive at your door in a few days. And since they come frozen (on dry ice), you’ll be happy to hear that they keep for up to 30 days.

Which gives you plenty of time to figure out why you ordered them in the first place.

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