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Announcing Your Imminent Arrival

UD - I’m Coming In the vast city of Los Angeles, dinner plans are typically... fluid.

If you’re heading to Eveleigh from Silver Lake, your friend is driving over from Venice, and your dates are crossing their fingers about traffic from Malibu and Downtown, respectively―well, you probably won’t all magically arrive at 7:59pm. Call it a hunch.

But thanks to the union of smartphones and watchful orbiting satellites, you can now let everybody know when your arrival is imminent―automatically. Introducing I’m Coming, a new iPhone app that uses GPS to let everybody know you’re almost there, now available.

Think of this as an easy way to notify someone of the exact right moment to roll out the red carpet, remove any cumbersome and/or extraneous clothing―or maybe just let the hostess know you’re all ready for your table―while you keep your hands on the wheel where they belong.

How it works is simple: download the app and mark your destination on the map with a corresponding notification point nearby―say, the freeway off-ramp a couple minutes away. And before you go, compose a quick email to whoever you’re meeting. Through the wonders of GPS, your phone will know when you hit that off-ramp, and automatically fire off an “I’m coming” email to everybody’s smartphones. All without you fiddling with your phone at 55 mph.

Or 5 mph.

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