Tender Is the Night

Like a Breathalyzer Without the Breath

UD - Drunktender It’s one of those Washington moments. You’re at a bar, hanging with your usual good-time crew of cabinet undersecretaries, Pentagon brass and traveling comedians. Yes, that’s Lewis Black at the next table over.

In short, you’ll want to draw this experience out. And yet, you’ll be jogging on the Mall with the incoming Republican leadership at 6am.

What you need: a way to quantify your consumption on the spot.

Enter Drunktender, an iPhone app dedicated to letting you know exactly what’s in that drink and what it’s going to do to you, available now.

Think of this as a real-time drinking diary, which can also crunch numbers well enough to give you a running update on your blood alcohol level. Here’s how it works: you’re at a bar, and your comrades (particularly that troublemaking three-star) keep buying you drinks of all stripes.

That’s when you’ll call up this app. First off, no matter what they present you, you’ll be able to tell exactly what’s in it, via a database of 4,500 cocktails. (Yes, it has The Malibu.) And then, this app will tell you precisely what your blood alcohol level will be right after you drink this one. And the next one. And...

But suppose you leave all of your blood-alcohol-related issues to House interns and pages and the like. You can sync this app with your Facebook account so that other people can see how many drinks you’ve had and where you’re at, blood-alcohol-wise.

Actually, maybe that’s not such a good idea.

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