Secret Identity

If Facebook and LinkedIn Had a Baby

UD - Identified You’re a listener.

The ear-to-the-ground type. A steel trap of oratory consumption.

And by now, opportunity knows about your open-door policy.

So when a little website springs up that happens to neatly package all of your potential networking rendezvous into one place, your ears are all ears.

Introducing Identified, a new site that turns every one of your Facebook friends into full-time networking assistants, now available for your I-knew-I-friended-that-person-for-a-reason pleasure.

It basically acts like a middleman between LinkedIn and Facebook. You’ll go to the site and click on the Facebook logo to sign up, which automatically imports your profile, sans all personal information (up to and including those incriminating pictures from your failed 3am full-costume parkour attempt on Halloween). From there, one more click uploads your entire LinkedIn profile.

You’ll see a box to the right with your Facebook friends, and below that, hundreds (soon to be thousands) of companies with opportunities available. The kicker: they’re actually working together this time... on your behalf. Because right next to the company profile, you’ll be able to see which of your friends have any type of connection to your company of choice (without having to sift through thousands of profiles). Which means that you’ll finally be able to put those rogue friend confirmations to good use.

So in other words, if little Johnny Witherspoon from the back of the bus is now the CEO of that consulting firm you’ve been hearing good things about, you’ll immediately know about it, and have an easy in.

You always knew Johnny Witherspoon was going places.

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