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Dining in an Old Schoolhouse

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Your present life is awesome.

The 14-hour workweeks. The courtside Mavs tickets. The unlimited Skittles.

But sometimes, you wish you could go back to your elementary school days of yore.

Or more specifically, just an elementary school that’s now a huge restaurant with a glass-floored bar and one of the biggest garden patios in the city...

Presenting Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar, a 1927 schoolhouse-turned-dining go-to in Uptown, now open for long lunches, intimate dates and extended patio-cocktailing sessions.

If you’ve ever looked at a school and thought, “You know, take away these blackboards and desks, knock down a few walls... and this could make a pretty good restaurant,” this is your kind of place.

Walking up, you’ll notice 360 degrees of outdoor patio-ing, a black marble bar and a grassy area to watch projected movies. Then, you’ll enter the space: a huge room with exposed brick walls, a center staircase and a large bar with glass flooring.

Grab a table in the low-lit dining room, where you and a date can work through seared scallops and spaghetti Bolognese as classic rom-coms like When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle play on the flat-screens. (Somehow Gigli didn’t make the cut.)

And you’ll also want to keep this place in mind for lunch, when you can grab a Dr. Pepper-glazed ham and swiss Club Sammy at their lunch line...

No word on whether they’ll be serving pizza on Fridays.

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