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Your Souped-Up Backyard Cookout

Spring officially begins this week, and with it the ancient ritual known as...the backyard cookout.

To inaugurate the season with a certain roaring panache, turn the throttle on your gas-powered AJ Prindle Party Blender.

A truly monumental advancement in the field of alfresco margarita technology, the muscular Party Blender is a hulking showpiece of stainless steel that just might overtake your grill as the afternoon's VIP appliance. After loading all necessary ingredients from your time-honored recipe into the 48-oz pitcher, pause for dramatic effect...and then pull the starter cord to decimate the ice using the throttle on the handlebars. (You've often bemoaned the lack of handlebars in the realm of culinary appliances.)

The 23cc, four-stroke engine helping along your unprecedented display of stalwart bartending ensures a powerfully mixed product that will doubtlessly render other backyards (and bars) throughout the land rather obsolete.

Not to worry—you've got the stamina to mix up another round.


AJ Prindle Party Blender

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