Beer Bar

Your Favorite Beer, Now in Soap Form

UD - Black & Tan Beer Soap The morning shower.

Your daily rebirth.

Also a time to replace the aromas of a night well spent with those of a fresh spring meadow or the faint waft of mountain mist.

Sure. Fine.

But let’s face it, some mornings you just need some motivation. A diesel-powered cup of coffee, Winger’s Greatest Hits on shuffle…     

Oh, and soap made out of beer and castor oil.

Introducing Black & Tan Beer Soap, the latest addition to your ever-burgeoning arsenal of alcohol-infused cleansing products, now available online.

Basically, this is the soap you’ll want to break out when you’d rather focus on the night to come than the one you just left behind. Now we know what you’re thinking, and no, this stuff isn’t going to make you smell like a mechanic at a brewery. In fact, you’re pretty much the only one who’ll be able to tell the difference.

The bar itself is actually handmade with castor oil (black) and organic stout beer (tan). And apparently the proteins found in malt and hops involve things like maltose and B vitamins. Which basically means that it’ll make your skin soft. Which also means that your love of stout beer can now be satiated through both internal and external consumption.

You can never have too much Vitamin B.

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