BeltLine Dinner

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Alfresco Dining on the BeltLine

UD - BeltLine Dinner As always, you’ve pretty much got your Halloween night pinned down to the minute...

10:35: Jump out of helicopter and parachute into party dressed as Kenny Powers.
10:36: Get out of pool. Pretend you landed there on purpose. Proceed to wardrobe.
10:47: Emerge from wardrobe dressed as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Acquire champagne bottle. Reenter pool.
11:30am: Discuss what happened the rest of the night over brunch.

Yes, it will be one for the books.

But after all that, you may need a rebound night. You know, something mellow enough to get you back on track, yet... communal enough to keep you interested.

Allow us to suggest the BeltLine Dinner, an alfresco dinner party centered around a never-ending communal table, now taking reservations for the Monday-after.

Your evening begins as you and your date pull up to Parish in Inman Park. In the distance, you’ll hear the sound of a bluegrass band. Follow it, and soon you’ll find yourselves under the stars and in the middle of the BeltLine, standing in front of a giant 100-seat table flickering with candlelight.

Take a seat, exchange pleasantries with the neighbors (before explaining why you’re still in costume) and settle in for a family-style feast involving anything from Smoked Georgia Trout Rillettes and Gumcreek Farms Pork with caramelized squash to apple strudel with brown sugar-bourbon ice cream. And yes, each course will be paired with a different wine.

In case you forgot to leave it all on the Halloween field.


BeltLine Dinner
on the BeltLine (behind Parish)
240 N Highland Ave
Atlanta, GA, 30307

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