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South Beach’s New Secret Garden

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You’ve seen some pretty amazing gardens in your day.

Boston. Madison Square. Mary Quite Contrary.

But you’re always on the lookout for a new one. Especially when it helps season your salad...

Introducing Eden, a new hideaway equipped with a beautifully lush backyard patio, opening Friday on South Beach for all your future alfresco lounging needs.

If a botanist and a restaurateur teamed up to build the perfect restaurant, this might be it. Near the front, you’ll find a main room with arugula-print wallpaper, python-covered chairs and leather booths. To the left, there’s a full bar, and farther back, a pretty nice chef’s table.

But most days, you’ll probably want to bypass this stuff and head straight out to the back patio—you’ll know you’re there when you smell the scent of fresh rosemary, basil and thyme. Take a seat with your garden-mate, order up some Harissa Lamb Chops and Jerk French Fries (the menu was designed by the chef at New York’s Aureole, so everything is good) and strongly consider getting something more leafy, like the Greek Lettuce Wraps, flecked with mint from the garden you’re sitting in.

And take your time. After 11pm on weekends, a DJ will start spinning on the back patio, turning the place into a laid-back lounge.

We hear he gets paid in mint.


210 23rd St
Miami Beach, FL 33139


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