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How to Fund Your Next Feature

UD - Product Place Me So about your next movie.

It’s got everything―intense car chases through Beverly Hills, dramatic slow-motion runs through LAX, an extended cameo by James “Buster” Douglas and a zebra.

Everything, that is, except for the funding you need to make the thing.

But it does have a poignant scene in which your hero finds much-needed strength in a nice, cold energy drink, a drop of condensation descending poetically down the side of the can…

Introducing Product Place Me, a new website matching cash-strapped filmmakers with financially flush product promoters, now online.

The idea is simple―you email the website about the placement opportunities in your script, and every Tuesday they’ll send an email blast to advertisers and promoters who would’ve killed for the Paranormal Activity 2 mom to marvel onscreen at the stain-removing power of Tide. If there’s a match, they’ll get in touch to tell you how much money they’ll pay you to drop their goods into your flick.

And theoretically, since you’re only submitting ideas that are intrinsic to the plot, you won’t later be forced by a studio to shoehorn in a gratuitous scene in which your hero puts off saving the girl to play Guitar Hero.

Plus, Couples Retreat already did that.

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