Vino & Olio

Wine and Olives

A Tuscan Farmhouse in the Design District

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You have your go-to’s in the Design District: Michael’s for a lazy brunch, Sra. Martinez for tapas and cocktails, Pizzavolante for crispy pies.

And now: a spot for suckling pig and eel pâté.

Say hello to Vino & Olio, a high-gloss temple of Tuscan farmhouse cooking, opening next week in the Design District.

It’s been a while since the DD has welcomed a new restaurant to the ’hood and this one’s a beauty: floor-to-ceiling windows, coffee-colored wood floors, a sleek wine bar where you’ll get to know rare quaffs sourced from the owner’s vineyard in central Italy. There’s a spectacular outdoor terrace that will be packed during the Basel rush, but indoors is also handsome enough for both business and pleasure.

And then there’s the food: the olive oil, spices, fish and pasta ingredients are all flown in from Italy. And the chef’s parents each have two Michelin stars (Dad is a sommelier and vineyard owner, Mom cooked at Italy’s famed Da Caino). The result are luscious, swoon-inducing dishes that’ll make your date think she’s walked into a scene from Eat Pray Love. Things like Tortelli Cacio e Pere (pasta stuffed with sheep cheese and pears) and naked ravioli in a butter and sage sauce.

 Some ravioli have no shame.

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