Horn of Plenty

Turning Up Your iPhone’s Volume

UD - iPhone Horn Amp Over the years, your phone has captured some inspired moments on video.

Jackass-style pranks. Your weekly slam poetry readings. A single bag dancing in the air, a la American Beauty.

But there’s always been something holding you back from submitting them to Cannes. Mainly, you can barely hear them…

Enter the iPhone Horn Stand, a way to boost the audio of whatever Fellini-esque video brilliance you’ve got stored in your phone’s memory bank, now available.

So say you’re at work, and a coworker leans over to share with you a video taken last weekend in Vegas. Not to be outdone, you answer his effort by playing the clip of the time you partied with the entire Miss Universe cast at your 10-bedroom cottage in Reno (’09, not ’08, although ’08 was good too…).

At this point, a few other co-workers may become curious about the vast array of accented giggles they’re hearing. So you’ll slip on this little guy to give your phone’s speaker an extra 12 decibels of audio oomph… without using any battery power. And as a bonus, it’ll also work as a phone-stand to add a little prestige to the screening.

Just remember: during the Ms. Brazil part, you may want to close the door.

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