Good Timing

Never Miss Another Birthday Again

UD - Gifts on Time You’ve been terribly busy lately.

There were important documents to be signed, multimillion-dollar energy deals to be brokered and Kenny Powers mullets to be worn.

So even though it’s not your fault, you’ve missed a few important birthdays. And now you’re in the doghouse.

Here to help you climb out of it: Gifts on Time, a new website that manages all your anniversary and birthday gift-buying for the year, now online.

Think of it as a virtual personal assistant to keep up with all the important (and not-so-important) dates in your life, so you can concentrate on more pressing matters, like what time Game 4 is tonight (7pm).

Here’s how it works: you’ll input your contacts and significant dates—everything from your grandparents’ wedding anniversary to your girlfriend’s dog’s half-birthday. Then, you’ll select what gift off the site to give each person. Go with the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Sampler for Mom’s birthday, the 200 blooms of Peruvian lilies for your six-month anniversary, and send every woman in your life 20 chocolate-covered cherries for the Monday after this year’s Super Bowl (just trust us).

Once all your gifts have been scheduled, you can just sit back and wait for the thank-yous to come pouring in.

While you wait, go ahead and send yourself the Sonoma wine set.

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