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Alfresco Oysters and Sangria in Buckhead

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Your last trip to the beach was the stuff of legend.

You took long walks on it. Threw a few bonfire-centric soirees. Careened across the sand on the back of a white tiger while singing “Don’t Stop Believin’” in a perfect falsetto.

And the scallops weren’t bad either...

But while some experiences just can’t be replicated, for that last part, we turn to The Big Ketch, a beachy new seafood spot from the tireless mavens behind Tin Lizzy’s, opening late Wednesday night in Buckhead.

First off, this place is pretty laid-back. But not the kitschy seafaring paraphernalia and being subjected to an endless loop of “Margaritaville” (there’s a time and a place for Buffett) kind of laid-back. No, instead you’ll find yourself sipping on a Full Sail IPA and feasting upon Blackened Grouper in something more reminiscent of a Hamptons beach house.

So as you stand under the chandelier in the entryway, you’ll be faced with a simple decision: left... or right. Choosing the latter will land you in the main dining room and a candlelit booth for a more intimate fete involving the likes of Shrimp and Corn Chowder or Apalachicola Oysters.

To the left, however, you’ll find a large wooden bar. And just beyond that, a sprawling patio flecked with high-tops, flat-screens and the occasional live band... which is your cue to swiftly and deliberately summon an alfresco Orange-Basil Margarita and, yes, the ever-elusive Hot Buttered Lobster Roll.

Our money’s on left.


The Big Ketch
3279 Roswell Rd
Atlanta, GA, 30305


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